Omnilight is a vertical joint venture between three parties that starts with manufacturing and ends with North American based distribution to Electrical Distributors and Lighting Showrooms. This model is unique for our market and allows Omnilight the utmost control over quality, product development, and performance. We have two electrical engineers based in China to develop and test products for the North American market. This, combined with site visits by the North American principles over 8 times a year, ensures the customer is receiving the highest quality, finest performing, most innovative products available anywhere.

Entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis has a mantra, “People, Process, Product.” Omnilight is built on these ideals.

We have taken decades of experience at every level of the manufacturing/sales process and built Omnilight to better serve the needs of our industry. Our support staff works as a team to serve you: customer service, technical staff, warehouse all come together to help you with any questions, work on layouts, and ship the product on time.


Omnilight has the right people, making the process of doing business with us second to none. We have a 20,000 square foot warehouse centrally located in Chicago, Illinois. Our main business is satisfying the customer. From placing an order to receiving delivery, Omnilight has a streamlined process to fill your order correctly and efficiently.


Omnilight works with electrical engineers and product designers to provide the highest quality, finest performing, most innovative products. In this fast moving industry, our vertical platform allows us to design and develop products that exceed the standards in our market. All of our products are cUL/cETL listed and are designed for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

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